Searching and Bag Policy

SMC take the safety of supporters very seriously. Under a recommendation from a security aspect, we may search supporters at the turnstiles on a matchday. This means that queues may occur prior to entry to the stadium, however we will do all we can to keep things moving. We are requesting that supporters do not bring bags to the stadium to avoid these search processes.

This policy addresses issues such as the importation of alcohol into the stadium, the delivery of potential weapons or pyrotechnics and includes measures to adhere to in order to prevent terrorism incidents.

It is been recommended to supporters to bring nothing larger than an A4 piece of paper.

If supporters bring rucksacks or backpacks which are bigger than the recommended size they may be searched and tagged. If they are deemed to be too large, they will be searched, tagged and taken to a secure area for the duration of the match and are to be collected after the match. If a bag is seen inside the ground without a tag it will be necessary for it to be searched and left in a secure area for collection after the match.

Searching of bags will only be conducted by appropriately qualified SIA-badged personnel.

No bags held by under 16s will be searched without the prior approval of the person’s parent or carer.

Search personnel will not put their hands into the bags. They should look inside the bag and request the spectator to take out any items of concern. This measure is also to protect staff, so they do not damage themselves on sharp objects in the bag.

Bags will be retained at the ticket office for the duration of the event or until collected by the spectators on departure from the stadium. The Club takes no responsibility for the bags or its contents in the period that it remains on the Club’s premises.

The SMC retains the right to search any spectators entering the stadium. This is referred to in the stadium’s regulations and permission to be searched is granted by a spectator when they purchase a match ticket. Any supporter that subsequently refuses to be searched will be refused admission to the stadium. Any refund on any ticket purchased to spectators who is denied admittance due to a refusal to be searched will be subject to individual clubs’ Ticketing Policy.

All searching will be based on live assessment at the point of entry but the SMC reserves the right to introduce a 100% searching policy on personnel for any event or at any time during an event.

All personnel searches will be conducted by suitably qualified SIA-badged personnel. All searches will be conducted on a gender specific basis and, in particular, searches on female spectators should be carried out only by female staff.

Searches on spectators aged 16 or less must not be carried-out. However, with a parent’s or carer’s prior approval, it is possible to request that the spectators conduct a self pat-down to identify any items that are in contravention of the ground regulations.

These search measures have been introduced to try and ensure spectators can enjoy a safe environment while watching their sport and pastime. SMC personnel and their agents will deliver this policy firmly but politely with understanding. The support of all supporters in delivering this policy successfully would be much appreciated.

As seen on the ground regulations, you cannot bring in the following: fireworks, smoke canisters, knives, bottles, glasses, cans, flags, banners, poles, similar articles and containers which might be used as a weapon or missile, stools, crates, fold-up chairs and children’s car seats.