The magnificent LNER Community Stadium, which has a capacity of 8,500, opened its doors and held its first fixture in May 2021.

York Stadium Management Company is responsible for the smooth-running of match day operations which include all aspects of Health and Safety compliance including medical provision and stewarding services.


The whole site was developed under a DBOM contract (“Design, Build, Operate and Maintain”) from which the various stakeholders are contracted to deliver their respective services.



What we do

York Stadium Management Company (SMC) carry out the Operate and Maintain parts of the initial DBOM contract in respect of the stadium ‘bowl’ – i.e. the areas that are made available to clubs when hosting their respective fixtures such as pitch, changing facilities, stands and broadcasting areas. The stadium’s public safety licence is in the name of York SMC and therefore York SMC procures match day stewards and liaises with the local Licensing Officer and Safety Advisory Group to ensure that the stadium meets all relevant safety regulations. In addition, York SMC facilitates the administration and distribution of tickets for fixtures based on information provided by the host clubs.

Linking in with our Stakeholders

The SMC’s contractual obligations for the ‘bowl’ are subcontracted from GLL, extracted from GLL’s Operational Services Specification (that includes the broader footprint of the leisure facilities including: the swimming pool, library, gym etc.) on behalf of the City of York Council. GLL also oversee the travel planning around the stadium and holds the alcohol license across the entire site. CGC are contracted directly by GLL as the stadium’s catering and hospitality provider. CGC provide staff, food and drink for the executive boxes, lounges and concessions in each stand on match days and also provide food, drink and room hire of the lounges on non-match days.


The Clubs

York City Football Club and York Rugby League Football Club are licensed tenants of the stadium – contracted by way of Match Day Agreements directly with the City of York Council that set out their respective commercial and access rights. Neither licensed club has any direct, contractual relationship with GLL, CGC or York SMC. York SMC does not have any contracted obligations directly with CGC either.

SMC own events

When York SMC host other events (i.e. not those of the licensed clubs), commercial terms are agreed in advance with stadium users through Venue Hire Agreements.


We are also responsible for the processing of tickets for all events at the Stadium and abide by the ethos of: “Buy Online, Buy Early.” You can purchase your thermal tickets from the Ticket Office located leisure in the centre atrium or buy an e-ticket online. On match days, the North and West Ticket Booths are open, depending on the fixture.

The structure behind the scenes at the LNER Community Stadium requires constructive and effective working relationships between a number of key partners. Whilst relatively complex in contractual terms, set out below is a simplified version of how things work and the relationships that exist:



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Virtual Tour

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